Five Million Euros for AI-Start-up Quality Match

  • Quality of annotated data is the most critical factor for achieving desired AI performance
  • LEA invests €5M to build the global leader in quality data annotation 
  • Backing a stellar team with strong domain knowledge and business experience with first lighthouse customers like Mapillary, Bosch and more


Heidelberg, 02 March 2021Quality Match, the Heidelberg-based quality data annotation provider, has raised a €5M seed round from LEA Partners. Founded by an experienced and well-versed team of former Pallas Ludens, Apple, Google and Microsoft veterans, Quality Match is pushing forward to build the next generation of data annotation.


Quality of annotated data is the driver for AI performance 
The quality of annotated data is the most critical factor in achieving the desired performance of an algorithm, and poorly annotated datasets can create faults in machine learning models. These can result from ambiguous task definitions, lack of annotator focus, insufficient data diversity or data ambiguity. This is where Quality Match comes in; creating superior data sets from scratch, faster and better than any other competitor, raising the bar on annotation quality of annotated data sets. With a unique approach to break down large annotation problems into small, clear and well- defined tasks (so-called nano-tasks), Quality Match can broadcast annotation tasks to a global user base. Based on sound statistical methods, Quality Match provides an annotation service to improve training models with a never-before-seen statistical significance and confidence level for every annotation. 


Capital for new employees, growth and expansion
The capital raised will be primarily used for the expansion of the team to push into additional verticals and build the next frontier of data annotation. Offering the opportunity to build on the bold mission of reaching new AI performance levels, Quality Match is hiring top-notch talent to join the mission.


World leading customer base
Since its foundation in 2019, Quality Match has already won several world-leading companies as customers. These include Mapillary, Bosch and more, seeing Quality Match as the solution provider for their biggest data quality problems. The service is offered to a broad customer base which is active in health, 3D maps, autonomous driving, AR/VR, retail, construction and more.


Quality Match Co-Founder and Managing Director, Daniel Kondermann, states:
"We are super happy that we found a partner who already has so much experience in our field of business. We feel flattered that LEA trusts and supports our vision. We are very excited to continue our growth together with the LEA Team."


Bernhard Janke from LEA Partners points out:
“We are very proud that the founders selected us as their partner to tackle and win the growing global data annotation market. Their ambitious vision, amazing product and scientific background as well as the outstanding customer feedback convinced us to join the mission"

About Quality Match

Quality Match optimizes machine learning models/AI-applications by improving annotations, with the overall mission to create better data sets. By disambiguating error sources based on optimal workflow design, Quality Match explains the sources of errors in the data set, highlights where edge cases originate and provides strategies on how to improve the data. For the first time, high dataset quality becomes transparent and verifiable based on customer-defined metrics, so customers can choose to optimally balance cost and quality - Quality Match takes care of the rest.

About LEA Partners

LEA Partners is an entrepreneurial-minded multi-stage venture capital and private equity firm investing in growth technology companies that are driving transformative change in their industries. With currently EUR 260 million under Management and operating out of Karlsruhe, one of Europe's largest technology clusters, its mission is to fund and support ambitious founders and executives by leveraging them with practical, hands-on growth expertise to achieve market leadership.